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“I’m standing in my room, curling my toes over threadbare carpet that’s some shade of poo, and I’m looking at my bed. I’m remembering something that my first-ever lesbian friend told me: ‘Lesbians always have navy duvets.’ So I’m looking at my duvet. It’s navy. Well, it’s kind of a lighter blue and a darker blue stripe, not exactly . . . faaarck, it’s navy, alright?”

Not That I’d Kiss A Girl is a heartbreaking and hilarious true story by author Lil O’Brien. Available at Unity Books, The Women’s Bookshop, Whitcoulls and at book stores around the country. Available through Book Depository and Amazon worldwide.

Lil accidentally outed herself to her parents at the age of nineteen when they overheard her talking to a friend about liking girls. Half an hour later she found herself on the side of the road, with instructions to come back and pick up her suitcase the next day.

What follows is a heartbreaking yet hugely funny story of a young Kiwi girl – the deputy head girl from a posh private school – coming to grips with her sexuality in the face of stark disapproval from her parents.

Bit by bit, Lil finds the inner strength to pull herself into an entirely new world.
Along the way she's called out for looking too straight in a gay bar, tries to break in to the lesbian in-crowd and figure out how to send her internet lover back to America. She falls in lust over a knotted soccer boot shoelace, explores how the hell to have sex with a girl and dates four women at once – unsuccessfully.

Lil's story is an insightful and honest look at how you figure out whether you're gay, bi or whatever – and deal with what comes next. It's an essential read for anyone who's had to fight for who they are and what they believe in.