Check out my latest projects, extending the world of Not That I’d Kiss A Girl, or creating something new outside of it.

’OTHERHOOD: A forthcoming essay anthology with Massey University Press
Open for submissions until 31 May, 2023!

For the last seven months, I’ve been working on an exciting new project that’s a bit of a departure from memoir. But, c’mon guys, i’ts me. It’s still queer-as, and subversive in its own way.

‘OTHERHOOD is an essay anthology that’s going to feature the writing of 30 women and gender diverse people, about their experience of being child-free, whether by choice or not. I’m putting it together with the best team, Alie Benge and Kathryn van Beek, a.k.a ‘The Barrenesses’. 

There’s so much passion about this topic out there, which meant we had no trouble getting together 11 writing samples to pitch to publishers. Our samples explored religion, Te Ao Māori, forms of care, queerness, depression, feminism, body autonomy, grief, shame and gender expectations. I’ve written a piece about navigating the fertility industry in NYC through a queer lens, called ‘No Masturbation Allowed’. I can’t wait for you to read it.

We’ve just opened for submissions – check out the full details on the ‘Otherhood website. And get your essays in by May 31!

A flyer about 'Otherhood, an essay anthology telling the stories of people without children

Not That I’d Kiss A Girl – the film
Currently in early development

In 2020, a bastion of the New Zealand television industry, Kate McDermott, heard me speak on Lynn Freeman’s RNZ programme about about Not That I’d Kiss A Girl. She popped up to her local bookstore, Dear Reader, and asked for ‘That latest lesbian autobiography’. They sold her the new Glennon Doyle.

Not that lesbian.